Q2: Curious

Curiosity. It means many different things depending on who you are. To the Merryweather men from A Little White Horse, it is the downfall of all women. To me, it is the desire to see into my boyfriend's thoughts. And to many people, in many instances, it is the thing that killed the cat. So … Continue reading Q2: Curious


It's hard enough to teach when you're staring down a crowd of not-so-eager students. It's even harder when your career is on the line. Taking these factors into account, our first potential teacher (whose name I forgot as soon as it came out of her mouth) did an admirable job. Although I felt that her … Continue reading Power


Time. Time is my greatest limiting factor when it comes to writing. Biology textbooks, dishes, and sleeping consume the time I have for putting pen to paper. Or rather, in my case, putting text to Word documents with the tapping of fingertips. But if I do not have time to write in a physical form, … Continue reading Spark

Snapshots of Life

Evans' photos, much like Agee's words, are a tangle of children, places, grim faces, death and exhausted animals. It is easy to find patterns, but they are fragmented and littered with exceptions. While we cannot be sure that the photographs were organized with intent, it is assumed that, since the authors both had goals that … Continue reading Snapshots of Life

A Confession

First to start off with a confession: I have rubbed shoulders with ideas similar to the ones in Words and Images in readings before, and they immediately raised my hackles. Perhaps I was reading too much against the grain, or perhaps it was the context of the course I was in at the time: an … Continue reading A Confession