On Self-Aggrandizing

The ability to share so much of our lives--and to seek fulfillment and acknowledgment from another person miles away behind a screen--is a double edged sword. Whenever we're bottling up ourselves and our lives and our loved ones into an Instagram feed or a blog, we need to be very careful.

On Habits

What does your typical morning look like? If you're anything like me two months ago, it went like this: the alarm goes off. You snooze it. And snooze it again. And again. Finally, the dogs click-clack cheerfully into the room, demanding to be let out. You extract yourself from the sweaty, sweet nest of your … Continue reading On Habits


A couple of week ago I was driving to pick Jordan up from the university after he'd spent a long couple of days out in the field, and a thunderstorm broke right overtop me. In seconds, the highway had disappeared beneath a glistening sheath of water, and the windshield roared with rain. It was simultaneously … Continue reading June