On Training Your Brain

In our busy, modern lives, there isn’t much space for our brains to function free from stimulus. There’s constantly something: a text conversation with a friend who lives across the country, a quick perusal of Instagram, a podcast we’re listening to, a book that we’ve just picked up. Dinner to be made, dishes to be … Continue reading On Training Your Brain

On Moodiness

Yesterday, Jordan and I got into a fight. I'm sharing this because it's an important reality of our relationship. We aren't perfect. We are messy, we are human. But it's easy to come off as perfect when you write pieces about the beautiful little moments together. The fight started with me, before even I could have guessed … Continue reading On Moodiness

5 tips for getting words on the page

Writing is hard. All forms of it--scientific writing, creative writing, blogging. It requires that we synthesize our often muddied thoughts into clear, concise language. It means stamping our realities into letter shapes so that others can access our experiences. Which, when I think about it that way, is really stinkin' cool. But also not the point … Continue reading 5 tips for getting words on the page