About Me

I’m Sarah, the person behind the words. I’ve worn many different hats since graduating college in 2014: I’ve been an urban forester in Minnesota, a research writer for a university, and a journalist for a natural resource department. I spent a year working for a Mississippi humane society as an outreach coordinator. Now, I’ve returned to my roots in science communications for my day job, and am working on publishing my first novel at night.

In fall of 2016, I married my best friend, Jordan–a voice of wisdom and rationality in my life who often spurs my blog posts. We recently moved back to the northeast with our two cute kiddos and a motley crew of rescue animals. In our spare time, we backpack, garden, knit and eat.

This blog has gone through many permutations. Currently, it serves as a photojournal of our lives, so that we can reach back through the years to remember the chaos and beauty of our lives as young parents; our beloved pets, up close and high res; the tiny little indents in L’s chubby little knuckles–and as a catalogue of my journey to becoming a published author. It’s updated monthly.

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