About Me

I’m Sarah, the person behind the words. I’ve worn many different hats since graduating college in 2014–I’ve been an urban forester in Minnesota, a research writer for a university, and a journalist for a natural resource department. I spent a year working for a Mississippi humane society as an outreach coordinator. Now, I’ve returned to my roots in science communications.

In fall of 2016, I married my best friend, Jordan–a voice of wisdom and rationality in my life who often spurs my blog posts. We live together in a little brick house in the southeast with our son, L, and a motley crew of rescue animals. In our spare time, we backpack, garden and eat.

Jordan and I have several life goals, which are central to our pursuit of living the best lives we can.

We want to:

  1. Own a homestead in the Northeast. Preferably off grid.
  2. Become financially independent before we’re fifty through wise spending, investing and saving techniques.
  3. Be as environmentally conscious as we can by riding our bikes, reusing materials, and reducing our impact on the planet.
  4. Grow, hunt, make and eat delicious food on a regular basis.
  5. Have or adopt a kid or two, and raise them to be well-balanced humans.
  6. Jordan wants to contribute to the field of wildlife biology as a professor or researcher.
  7. I want to write pieces that impact the world, whether that’s in the field of science writing or as a novelist.

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