The Story of my Story

I've been struggling to think of what to say about this whole publishing business. I'm a complete newb to the industry, so it's not like I can offer tips or wisdom. I also don't necessarily want to be placed in a position of teacher. I'd much rather learn alongside my readers (and from them, too!)--we're … Continue reading The Story of my Story

On Writer’s Block

I vividly remember the first time I struggled with writer's block in a serious way. It was the summer between my sophomore and junior year, and I'd just spent a glorious month doing nothing but going for long, luxurious runs in the woods with our dog, meeting up at Barnes and Noble with my boyfriend, … Continue reading On Writer’s Block

On last days

Today's the day. My last day of work at my current job. I've had a lot of last days, each of them different and odd in their own respect. There was my last day as a Tree Inspector. That one was fairly easy to leave--I'd been hired seasonally for a three month position, and then … Continue reading On last days

5 tips for getting words on the page

Writing is hard. All forms of it--scientific writing, creative writing, blogging. It requires that we synthesize our often muddied thoughts into clear, concise language. It means stamping our realities into letter shapes so that others can access our experiences. Which, when I think about it that way, is really stinkin' cool. But also not the point … Continue reading 5 tips for getting words on the page