On wanting what you have

Here in Mississippi, spring is on its way. The air is balmy and warm, birds flitter around our feeder, and Chara's fur gathers in tumbleweeds in the corners of our home. These changes, along with talk of New Year's resolutions, always turn my thoughts to the future. What's the outcome I see for myself? What … Continue reading On wanting what you have

On What It Means to Be a Dog

Last week we watched a friend's dog. And while I've met many dogs over the span of my twenty-four years, this old guy made me think twice about what it means to have a dog, and in return, what it means to be one. See, Sonny is all dog. He woke us up each morning with a thorough … Continue reading On What It Means to Be a Dog

Some thoughts on exercise, and how to stick with it

Lately I've been thinking a lot about what it takes to stick with exercising regularly. It isn't an easy thing for everyone to do. I know because I've decided countless times in the past that I'm going to start incorporating some form of daily exercise into my life, and then I usually do it for … Continue reading Some thoughts on exercise, and how to stick with it

A Photoessay on Life with Each Other

With a wedding on the horizon, Jordan and I have spent a lot of time discussing how we go through life together and how we'd like to do it better. One of the main things we talked about was that when we spend too much time together, we start to forget that there are two … Continue reading A Photoessay on Life with Each Other

On Having Unrealistic Romantic Expectations

We are a culture obsessed with romance. And why shouldn't we be? There's something about a grand gesture made in the name of love that makes our souls swoon. Romance is fun. It's intriguing. And this obsession makes its way into our media--shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette are watched by millions (I don't really … Continue reading On Having Unrealistic Romantic Expectations

On the difficulties of being alive and knowing people

Disclaimer: I'm no expert on this. I'm just thinking in type, and my thoughts represent the narrow world view of a short, curly haired girl who likes dogs and doesn't like (I can't think of anything I don't like right now) erm, licorice. Relationships are hard. And I don't mean just romantic ones. All relationships are … Continue reading On the difficulties of being alive and knowing people

Are you who you think you are?

I've never been someone who bought into the idea that you could classify people by their personalities. To me, it seemed like a useless exercise to spend time taking personality and aptitude tests just to have some computer tell you what you already knew. After all, clicking yes/no in response to questions doesn't change who … Continue reading Are you who you think you are?

Should women wear makeup?

I am not a big makeup wearer. I'm not very good at applying it, and so my attempts often come out looking more clownish than anything. On top of that, I tend to shoot for a more natural looking aesthetic. Even if I'm wearing a little makeup, I'd prefer that it comes off subtly--a style that echoes … Continue reading Should women wear makeup?