I love you Bell

Bell's book is inspiring. Every bit of advice makes me want to run to the chipped mug that holds my pens and pull out a red one, so that I can simultaneously underline things I don't want to forget, and go to town on my story: analyzing characters' intents, looking for sagging points and uncovering … Continue reading I love you Bell

Dark Pits

His eyes are dark pits in his head, white fading to grey darkening to impenetrable black, and there is worry in the lines under his eyes, between his brows. But looking at him, you know he is strong. He is tired and anxious, but in the proud bearing of his head, the hollow in his … Continue reading Dark Pits


It would be a long and arduous process if a writer were to try to label every part of a sentence she were scribbling down, and it would very likely interrupt the creative process. But then again, I don't have a mathematical mind and so can't see the benefit of dissecting sentences. While I'm writing, … Continue reading Grammar