Micro Editing Workshop

Micro editing is my strength. I will happily spend hours going through a document, playing with sentences to change emphasis and tweaking details. So it was not difficult for me to micro edit my Holocaust essay: in fact, I’d already worked a lot of tiny kinks out of the material. What was really helpful about our conference Monday was having Luke read my essay, and give me an outside perspective on the places that needed work. By running it through his past history of reading and writing education that I didn’t experience, I was able to benefit from our combined knowledge on how to best create a documentary-reaction piece.

Now, the trick is in remembering his point of view as I go through and smooth out the awkward places, make the writing as transparent as mountain stream water for all its twisting curviness. I won’t waste words here, discussing those bunches and snags in greater detail, when I could be hard at work, making the words that matter, matter more. So adios!

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