Cute things L says, May 2021

This kid’s language is blossoming, and he cracks us up daily with the funny ways he puts concepts and words together.

Some highlights:

With my pregnancy, I’ve been extra exhausted lately, and as a result of picking up my slack, Jordan is also tired. It seems that L has noticed our fatigue. The other day on the way to daycare, Jordan yawned. From the backseat, L fake-yawned, and said, “I need a NAP!” (Even though he hasn’t napped for months).

He also delights in telling us how tired we are–“You’re REALLY tired, momma!”

I mean he’s right, but I hope our exhaustion isn’t the main thing he remembers about us from his childhood!

A couple of weeks ago, Jordan shaved his beard (a momentous occasion–I don’t think I’ve seen his bare face for about a decade). L was fairly nonplussed about it. However, the whole thing must’ve been circulating in the back of his mind, because a few days later, he came into our room and peered closely at my face. “Momma!” he shouted, “Your mustache! It’s back!” Then he lovingly stroked my upper lip, and said, “It’s BIG!”

When we drove down to Florida recently, we told Linden that we were going on a road trip, and that we’d see his grandpa when we arrived. L was SO excited–he talked non-stop about his “roadtrip” and could barely sleep the night before. We knew that he had some concept of a road trip, because in one of the Toy Story movies, the toys go on a roadtrip with their kid, Bonnie.

The day of the roadtrip, we woke him up at 4 a.m. to leave–immediately he was awake and psyched. But we were surprised to find that even while we were on our roadtrip, the “roadtrip” seemed to be something that he was still looking forward to in the future–like it’d yet to happen. He kept saying, “Roadtrip? We go on a roadtrip?”

Finally, we pulled up to a rest stop so that we could stretch our legs and use the bathroom. As soon as L got out of the car, he became very excited, and starting pointing and shouting: “A ROADTRIP! A ROADTRIP, RIGHT THERE!”

Jordan looked up, and sure enough, L was pointing at a camper! It turns out that Bonnie takes her roadtrip in a camper. L was very disappointed to learn that his roadtrip was limited to our much less glamorous car.

On the way home from Florida, we inched our way through a long, 10 hour drive (complete with downpours, detours, way too many bathroom stops, and bumper-to-bumper traffic). We were expecting L to be ecstatic to see our house (usually when we pull in the driveway, he gleefully shouts, “WE’RE HOME!!!!!!!!!”), but instead, as soon as he saw our house, he started to sob. “Turn around, turn around, where is Baba?! Go back! Go back!!” The little maniac wanted to go back through the entire drive, because he thought we’d accidentally forgotten his grandpa. We had to explain that his grandpa was staying in Florida for a little longer, and then flying back to New Jersey, but now each week he asks, “We see Baba next week?”

Sarah: “What are some funny things L says?”

Jordan: “Um, oh, how he says his name! Hey L–how do you say your name?”

L, flatly: “No.”

While talking on the phone, Jordan has the tendency to pace around, chortle loudly at people’s jokes, and hang up abruptly, at which point he sticks his phone in his back pocket. Since L was about 18 months old, his impression of Jordan on the phone has been uncanny.

He finds the nearest phone-shaped object (including remotes, bananas, calculators, our phones if he can get his hands on them), strides all around, and says things like “Oma!! Yah! (Insert very loud, very inauthentic laughter). Good, good. Okay, bye bye.” And then he holds the “phone” up to his butt, like it’s in his back pocket.

When I first started feeling this baby move, I’d always get very excited and tell Jordan and L, “The baby is kicking!”

It appears that L is also growing a human–he regularly runs into whatever room we’re in and shouts, “MOMMY! The baby is kicking!” And then he sticks out his stomach for us to feel.

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