Are you who you think you are?

I've never been someone who bought into the idea that you could classify people by their personalities. To me, it seemed like a useless exercise to spend time taking personality and aptitude tests just to have some computer tell you what you already knew. After all, clicking yes/no in response to questions doesn't change who … Continue reading Are you who you think you are?

The nature of nature

I recently participated in a contest on Instagram--meant to raise money for the super cool Conservation Canines group, which uses rescue dogs to conduct research (click the link to learn more!). The prompt of the contest was simple, and it's a common theme for contests all throughout the dog-obsessed world of Instagram: Post a picture of … Continue reading The nature of nature

The Artlessness of Raising a Puppy

Awhile back, long before we brought Chara into our life, I picked up the book "The Art of Raising a Puppy" by the Monks of New Skete. At the time I was ravenously consuming all literature about dog training and puppy raising--even though I was a year away from adopting my own dog, I wanted … Continue reading The Artlessness of Raising a Puppy