May 2021

Starting off with a socially-distanced trip to Florida with Grandma and “Baba.”

This is how this day will always look in my memories: soft, pastel, centered on this small human’s joy.
Together in the vastness of the ocean
Seashell collecting
A most beloved Baba
Sunset beach ballet
Curve of the waves, light on his spine
Growing family
That look.
He was super sad about the life jacket, distraught about the sunscreen on his face, and ecstatic about being assistant boat driver.
Dolphins cruised the bay. The unphotographed wildlife highlight: walking up the beach and watching a giant shadow hover companionably near a fisherman, only to find out as it began cruising back down the beach that it was a manatee!
Taking photos for Foster Brady Farm and fending off an egg thief
Farm fresh strawberry bliss
I looked out of L’s bedroom window on this morning to see Wren curled in the grass in front of our house, happily chewing on a piece of armadillo roadkill. She’d also thoroughly coated herself in it. This bath ensued. And we still can’t figure out how she escaped from our back yard.
Glinty tomatoes
Backyard jungle explorer
Him and Wren in his “house”
Post-bath glow
“Chara-wolf” is aptly named
He can’t say Wren, so he calls her “Yed”

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